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Luxe Metal Art

'Rainy Sunset Together' by Ekaterina Ermilkina Metal Wall Art

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Rainy Sunset Together' by Ekaterina Ermilkina Ekaterina Ermikina was born in Russia and works and resides in New Jersey. Here is her artist statement: "...My medium is oil on canvas, and working with color and texture is an ongoing exploration. Modern pointillism has been a revelation for me. Using a palette knife, I apply distinct dots of color and build a pattern, which ultimately is only seen as a pattern when the dots are blended in the eye and mind of the viewer, from a distance. Stippling is very time-consuming, but allows such subtle gradation of color, depending on how far apart the dots are placed, and creates great depth and dimension. I love how these techniques can be so expressive; how the textures allow me to convey, for example, the inner life of a building. Capturing the interior nature of subject matter that may seem, on its surface, prosaic and everyday is what I am after." Luxe Metal Art is proud to offer you our luxury metal prints.These prints bring the most unique value to your home by using the highest quality images printed on a lustrous metal. Metal wall art delivers a truly distinct shine and light play that will dazzle your guests and create a statement in your home or office. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, our metal prints are moisture resistant, pinch proof, durable, and can be cleaned with mild household cleaning products. These practiful features make metal wall art great for homes and high traffic businesses.
  • High quality wall art printed on metal. Non-porous surface is easy to clean. Aluminum does not rust, or absorb moisture, and it is impervious to UV rays.
  • Contemporary way to add decor to your home. All sizes comes ready to hang.
  • Officially Licensed Digital Print, Artist: Ekaterina Ermilkina
  • Made in the USA